Main Features

  • Instantly shows the exact blackjack hand odds for any strategy and the casino dealer house edge based on BJ21 statistics advantage probabilities calculations in an easy to read blackjack strategy odd chart sheets layout tutorial.
  • Expert strategy advice at every step, with simple to learn and follow and easy to understand game play recommendations tips – showing you how to play blackjack and win using advance game chart systems.
  • Adapts to your own style of play and blackjack online casinos rules and combination on the net.
  • Specifically geared for online blackjack game at internet casinos, both single table games and multi table black-jack multiplayer tournament on-line, with exact blackjack strategy chart tables lessons.
  • Supports both manual tutor, online and offline mode (Las Vegas & Atlantic City real world simulation live ballroom style card counters and positive progressive betting systems predictor card counting).
  • Constantly being updated with all of the best of breed newly published expert BJ strategies winning systems, school secrets and tricks which are based on math and statistic probability basics calculation.
  • Lists almost every upcoming online blackjack tournament, 21 freerolls casino schedules, and blackjack casinos bonus promotional signup offers and deposit bonuses.
  • Support for over 230+ online casino blackjack  rooms over the internet.

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