Learn How to Play Blackjack and Win More Money in Black Jack Games

Let’s learn how to play blackjack now, In Blackjack 2 cards are always dealt to each on of the players and the dealer. The player’s black jack cards are all dealt face up, so everyone can see them, but one of the table dealer’s BJ cards is also being dealt face up and the other BJ card is dealt face down. The main object of the black jack game is to draw from the deck cards to a total amount of 21 or as closer to 21 than the dealer’s own cards. The cards of ten (10), jack (J), queen (Q), and king (K) count as 10 points each; all of the other cards on the table count at their face value – while aces can be counted as 1 or 11 points.

An ace card with any Ten, jack card, queen card or king, is called  “blackjack.” and it t is paid at a rate of one and onehalf times the original amount wagered, that is unless the dealer’s card combination also has a situation of  blackjack; in that case it is called a “standoff” or sometime “push” – so neither the dealer or the BJ player wins anything.

If in your cards you do not have a situation of blackjack, you may now indicate to the table dealer to “hit” you with an additional card. This means in casino terms, to give you another card from the deck.

Note, You may always draw as many blackjack cards as you wish ( but one at a time) in an effort to highly improve your black jack hand, but in case you go over 21, then you have what we called, “busted” and, so consequently, you lose all of your wager. If you do not wish to ” hit” (you have now drawn as many BJ cards as you ever desire), then you now may indicate to the table dealer that you would like now to “stand.”

In some casinos, you may not do a “double down” after “splitting.” your cards, You may in most casinos split your blackjack21 cards up to 4 times, except for aces, which can according to the game rules, only receive one card each.

In some online casinos, you may “double down” (double your 21blackjack original wager) to now receive one card, and one card only on any 2 original BJ cards dealt. You may sometime “split” any 2 cards with the exact same face value by now making a wager which is equal to the original wager you bet with.

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