Basic Blackjack Strategy

The Blackjack basic strategy is always based on the mathematic nature of the Black Jack game. The basic strategies have been tested and highly refined through many computer simulations. When you follow it’s instructions correctly, it will reduce the casino house edge to the bear minimum, which is as tested usually about 0.5 percent. Adjustments are always made to tables of basic strategy chart sheets depending on the casinos rule variation that the different gambling locations choose to use in their casino. There are also many  changes that are made to the basic strategy for the single deck and the multiple decks blackjack  games.

If you ever want to be a highly successful black jack player you will surly need to learn the basic strategy, download the free product below and see the basic strategy along with the advanced strategies for you game. Most BJ21 players start by learning and referring to the basic strategy chart Sheets. The strategy charts Sheet shows you exactly how to play your blackjack first 2 cards based only on the dealers shown (up) card.

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