About BlackJack Radar

Blackjack Radar is the award winning FREEWARE Casinos PC Blackjack 21 Winning Strategies Calculator.

It automatically analyzes your blackjack cards and the dealer’s card in each hand while you practice, play for fun, or gamble for real money blackjack online, and it provides you with detailed  guidelines information and the most accurate blackjack optimum strategy advice in real time based on exact mathematical and the game best odds calculations.

Use Blackjack Radar to learn how to win, play and gain the competitive game advantage over the dealer at your blackjack table and improve your black-jack 21 game variations play using both simplified basic strategies hints and advanced optimal strategy tactics.

Play online blackajck – from single deck to 8 cards deck (a typical card shoe size is 6 decks in computer games); pick if the dealer Stand or Hit Soft 17; choose the Double betting rules (any 2 cards, 9-11, or only 10-11); select if the Double After Split bet is allowed, the Surrender rules (None, Late Surrender or Early)  are allowed; and even select between the USA American style (Dealer Peeks) or the European / UK one (Where no dealers peek is allowed) styles, all in a very intuitive and user friendly interface which nicely blends into any natural online casino blackjack ballroom environment.

With Blackjack 21 Radar you will now learn new ultimate blackjack game beating tactics, winning chart sheets and best blackjack strategies and 21 game play, online on the internet  and off-line using the card counting winning super system theory.